Actionable Intelligence - Figure 1

What is Actionable Intelligence?

Actionable Intelligence is driving instructions to people, machines and processes to improve profit potential. It allows all assets & systems to apply derived rules to change an action to save time, money, resources and learning in order to define better ways to accomplish all tasks.

By accessing your existing systems and driving knowledge based learning to the front line you can grow your organization without growing the levels of staff, contractors and resources needed to service that organization. The customized approach of Flyht to bringing our solutions to your environment without disrupting current operations makes the deployment of current technologies virtually risk free.

With integration of disparate systems via JetBridge, Flyht’s proprietary integration tool, learning what corrective actions are best (via the Watson tool set) provides clear, concise instruction to personnel when and where it is required. Flyht’s tool set (in conjunction with our IBM partnership) allows current systems and the knowledge contained in those systems to create machine learned responses to issues identified by your company to resolve problems just about before they are known to your people. The ability to integrate all of your systems with information from your aircraft in real time drives real savings and improves customer satisfaction by minimizing trip delays, equipment failures and issues with things such as catering, cleaning, baggage etc. These systems will help improve operational efficiencies and thereby your profitability very quickly. Supercharging that process with real time data from your aircraft will supercharge the results you see.

Actionable Intelligence - Figure 2

Flyht’s Actionable Intelligence is derived from the real-time collection and analysis of a holistic set of bespoke internal and external data sources that impact your business operations―data collected not just from the aircraft, but from enterprise systems, users, and applications, as well as from industry benchmarks, weather data systems, and market indexes. Actionable Intelligence uses the right data at the right time to trigger smart human and/or system made decisions, changes, and actions.

Flyht’s solutions leverage our technology partnership with IBM to provide you with a comprehensive and point-in-time analysis of key assets and data points which can be used in real-time to pivot, fine-tune, and adjust your operations automatically, continuously, and dynamically―saving you money, reducing risk, and improving operational efficiency and profitability.

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