Exceedence Report

Aircraft Health Monitoring
Costs keep rising, logistics are more and more challenging, and the competition in the aviation market just gets tighter every year. To keep operations profitable, you need to proactively optimize your operations based on real-time, situational business intelligence. 

FLYHT’s Automated Flight Information Reporting System (AFIRS 228™) offers not only a reliable voice and data connectivity, but a platform to access value-added real-time business intelligence through our AFIRS Insight™ Smart Data Capture technology suite of innovative data and reporting services: real-time business intelligence which can save you money, streamline your operations, enhance operational safety, and ultimately improve customer satisfaction. 

Automated Engine Trend Reporting
Downtimes, repairs, and maintenance of your aircraft impact your bottom line—especially if they are unscheduled, and impact your customers’ travel experience. 

You need access to real-time reporting on critical aircraft systems to monitor the health of your aircraft. Engine trend data can detect signs of deterioration as well as maintenance issues. By tracking engine data real-time, you can monitor the health and stability of your fleet and proactively address issues before they cause serious damage. The earlier you diagnose problems the less potential there is for catastrophic and/or costly failures—being able to predict maintenance requirements ahead of time helps you optimize maintenance logistics and reduce the impact of downtimes. 

FLYHT’s Automated Engine Trend data is transmitted automatically, in real-time from every flight during takeoff and stable cruise providing you with predictive maintenance and repair intelligence. Consistent, accurate and timely engine data provided directly from the plane can help your operations and maintenance organizations react quickly and proactively to degrading performance and potential failures. 

FLYHT's Automatic Engine Trend data

Real-time Engine/Airframe Exceedance Reporting
Maintenance costs are skyrocketing. The logistics and costs involved with maintenance and repair from managing aircraft downtimes to sourcing parts and managing supply chains have a huge impact to your operations. With real-time exceedance alerting, you are notified immediately when aircraft events occur helping you prioritize and predict what systems and parts might need further investigation or repair. FLYHT’s application provides you real-time intelligence to enable proactive maintenance of your aircraft, engines and life-limited parts.

Real-time Aircraft Systems Diagnostics
The logistics of scheduling maintenance and repair for an aircraft is not just challenging, it can be a nightmare. If an aircraft has an issue at a remote or smaller airport, getting the right parts and even the required maintenance equipment and personnel onsite might be time-consuming and costly. With access to real-time, in-flight aircraft systems diagnostics, you can troubleshoot and diagnose issues while the plane is still on-route—jump starting logistics and supply chain decisions before the aircraft even lands, maximizing organizational performance, minimizing downtime, and reducing potential impact on aircraft scheduling from crew requirements to passenger impact.